Can you use input fields to pass .JSON data to MongoDB using Webflow?

So I am learning code and trying to understand if it is possible to use Webflow to send .JSON data to a MongoDB database. It seems that you should be able to grab the “Name”:“Value” data from the input fields in a form and then possibly post them to MongoDB using an Ajax JQUERY $load call.

Possibly passing the PATH through the Action tag or something ??

I dunno…I am relatively knew at coding and am just trying to figure out if I can bridge the gap using Webflow. Any feedback would help as this is a learning experience for me and I am trying to obtain any knowledge that I can.



Directly? No you can’t.

How about using Angular through Webflow in the name:value attributes area of inputs ??

Any thoughts ??

Nope, you still need a server-side app to receive the request before you write to DB.

Angular is a client-side JS framework.

Got it. So Node.js basically makes angular work and connects the routes with Express http request back to server then database. Correct?

Thanks. Piecing together the process is half the battle of learning code. The other half is the syntax.

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You can use Zapier to grab the form data, then send it as JSON (or XML/RAW) via a webhook to your MongoDB platform. You’d just need the script to receive it the data.