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How do I send Input Field Data through an API in Base64 encode


I need to send input field data through Webflow to an API and in transit it will have to be converted to Base64 encode when it is delivered to the endpoint.

Is this possible to be done through Webflow Name : Value pair custom attributes or any other way ?

Any insight would be extremely valuable for me.

Thank You,


So on form submit, convert a field’s value to base64 using JavaScript?


Ok. I will review that. Is there a simplified way through Webflow interface or Hackey type way ?

I’m still trying to figure out if it is even possible.

So you think btoa(.classFormName)

Will send All data in a POST in Base64 to an API URL through Action ?

I’m a little lost still but I get what btoa encodes

And atob decodes.

I’ve spent my day learning about ASCII and Base64 in general.

Very interesting stuff.