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Can you create a Lottie Animation with any 3D animation software?

Can you create a Lottie Animation without using Cinema 4D, can you create it on any 3D animating software, as long as you render it on after effects and use a plug-in to convert it into a Lottie.Json file?

I need to create a custom Lottie file for a client, I’m not finding a lot of people with a cinema 4D background who can create the hyper realistic animation I’m looking for, so I want to branch out to other animators but they’re more familiar with different 3D animating softwares.

Cheers, thank you for all the help!

Hi @Lumareto,

As long as they can export the animation in an image sequence, or export it as a video which can then be converted into an image sequence using Adobe Media Encoder, there shouldn’t be an issue with using a different software. If you have an image sequence, you can import it into After Effects and create a lottie using Body Movin.

Hope that helps or answers your question.

It does! I don’t completely understand how it works, so thank you for the explanation! @Andrew_Coderre