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Can webflow pages receive a POST or GET variables?

I have a client who offers free wifi at their restaturant and they are wanting users that join the WiFi to be presented with a welcome page and requiring users to enter their Name Email address before getting Free WiFi access.

On the websites we will need a page that will receive a POST field with a URL to redirect the user to In my case

It would store that POST data and then get the user to enter their Name email in a webflow form and store those accordingly. Would then want to redirect to the URL that we have POST’d you and that would then activate the users free access.

We will then display the website and the user is free to browse from there.

This is a bit out of my realm so just wondering if this is possible with webflow or if any one ran into something similar and had a workaround.

You can’t do this part in Webflow. Your wireless router will need to support this feature.

Webflow sites also cannot receive POST data, unless it’s via the default webflow form submission using the form component.

Ok thanks, How about GET data? The broadbrand provider tested using GET and said the page doesn’t reject it.

So is it possible for the wifi form to accept the variable via GET and then have your redirect on success go to the contents of the GET variable? If so any ideas on how would go about this?

What do you mean by this? The Webflow form gets auto-populated and auto-submitted by the URL parameters (GET)?

It seems you’ll need to code the same solution as this user Change Form Redirect URL depending on option selected in form

The Webflow form gets auto-populated and auto-submitted by the URL parameters (GET)?

From what i understand, the form would need to auto populate a hidden field with the get variable then the user manually enters their name and email.

Once submitted the name and email will be captured and redirected to the content of the GET variable

Captured via the default Webflow form submission handler or an external form handler/database?

At this stage just the default webflow form handler

These are doable in Webflow:

  1. Hidden field (via embed code)

    example of hidden field:

    <input type="hidden" name="myHiddenField" />
  2. Auto-populate hidden field via URL parameter (using some custom code)

  3. After Webflow form submission, redirect to URL with dynamic parameters based on form field (using some custom code)

For the custom code parts, you can contact a Webflow expert

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