Can we use HTML <object> tag inside webflow?

I want to add an SVG file inside Webflow and will animate it using CSS, but the SVG code is pretty big, and I’m facing Webflow code character limitation. That’s why I was trying to use tag,
But it is not working, and please confirm it we can use the tag inside Webflow or not. If yes, how?

Hey Wahab,

If you’re wanting to affect the SVG with CSS, it needs to be inline, which means you’re facing the code embed character limit. <object> won’t help here.

Here’s how to overcome the code embed character limit by converting the svg to a lottie, and retain full CSS support;

In Webflow, Lotties support is built-in, so if you’re doing any serious animation work, I’d recommend you go all in on that approach instead of CSS → SVG animation.