Can we still not select multiple elements at one time?

I see a ton of articles related to this that are really old yet I can’t find anything current explaining how to select multiple elements in the navigator.

Hey @Matthew_Hicks
You’re right. Currently, Webflow’s system works with individual classes, so you can’t modify multiple elements simultaneously without specifying their classes. However, you can achieve a similar result by using a shared utility class. This class applies the same style to multiple elements. By modifying this utility class, you can update all associated elements at once, making changes consistent across them. It’s like having a central control for these elements’ styles.

More about utility class here

Let me know, if you have any further clarifications on the same.


Hi @daspacebar, I understand that but it seems odd that I should have to apply a utility class to many of the same element (with same classes) one at a time. I think it could easily be done in a way that if you select elements with different classes you could simply append a new combo class. Also, wouldn’t it nice to simply move a group of elements in the navigator to adjust structure? This seems like a very basic feature that’s missing.

I have the same issue, but not trying to edit any classes. I simply want to drag a bunch of individual elements into a container, and currently have to drag each one individually. Then webflow will accidentally drop the element inside of another element and I have to undo. Very frustrating when dealing with a page with lots of content!