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Can we Horizontally Stretching text?

I want to Stretching the text like this ?

Thanks in advance

No. Instread you should find a CONDENSED font to use when you need text to be condensed. Same apply for Illustrator or Photoshop: even if you CAN, you shouldn’t compress fonts like this, rather find a condensed font.

Here are condensed fonts I found on Google Font, that you can add and use on a webflow site for free:

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I have to use this font because it a CI from Headquater and they tell us to compress 80% T.T

That’s an extremely bad design practice if not totally forbidden :smiley:


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Or produce a condensed version of the font with Fontlab and import the webfonts in Webflow. But I agree with Vincent that it is a bad idea to compress fonts because it will hurt legibity.

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Plus: There’s a myriad font-family member that is condensed: Myriad Pro Condensed

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Thanks Scale works but it effect alignment a bit

i doesnt have Fontlab can any one suggest software that can edit font

thanks again

Alternatives to Fontlab are Glyphs (glyphapp), Fontographer, Robofont.