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Vertical Text? (no rotation!)

Hello everyone,
I tried to find the topic, but I always end up only finding the solution to rotate a text.
I would love to create a vertical text like you see in the screenshot (it’s the design I now am trying to rebuild in webflow). Doing it with paragraphs feels a little untidy, also because it acts really weird when adapting to the mobile layout. There I would want it to be horizontal again.

Hope I am clear about what I want to achieve, I’m still learning the lingo. ( :

Umh, I found a workaround that works clean, but feels like cheating. :sweat_smile: But maybe that’s how it is with webdesign. I’m still in that “don’t really know what I’m doing”-mode.

I put the text box into a flex-div box and centered it. I gave the text box a fixed width, so the typography would be forced to make a new paragraph after each letter. Then I put a space between each letter and it works!
For mobile layout adaption I gave it an auto-width and gave the letter spacing a small negative value so it doesn’t look as stretched.

If there’s a simple solution I would still love to know it, but thought I’d share my workaround here. :v: This is how it looks, with placeholder image and really, really WIP, in the webflow designer at the moment:

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