Can we change the language on IP based

Hi guys,

I’m curious if it is possible to change the language per IP address. So people from France see a different language than people from Switzerland see a different language. The content can all be the same but the language needs to be different.

Can you please revert #webflow team so I can check the same.


It’s possible, but it’s more common to use the browser’s language configuration for the language selection. It’s much more relevant than country, and it saves you the geoip lookup.

In terms of the localization itself-

  • Webflow’s localization feature was just released to enterprise clients. Should be available to the community next month.
  • For now, Weglot and Linguana are the popular solutions.
  • Adding google translate to your site is another option.
  • If you have very limited content you can roll your own solution without much difficulty.