Can’t I remove the badge on the mobile site only?

Both the Display “Made In Webflow” badge and Display Webflow branding in HTML are in the off position.
But are still showing in the mobile version.

The badge is clearly still there on the bottom right of my phone screen. Please help!

I republished my site and still the same thing. The badge only shows in the mobile view.

Here is the share link:

Hi @Alex_Cheng

What account plan and/or hosting plan do you have?

Hi @StuM I am on the “Lite Plan” and the hosting for this site is “CMS”

Thank you for your reply.

Hmm, are you still seeing it on a custom domain, or the webflow .io domain?

Problem solved! Thank you, the custom domain doesn’t have the badge :slight_smile:

Excellent! It still seems a little strange that it was showing on mobile only - might be worth a quick email to in case anything needs refreshing there…