Can’t change Current Pseudo Links color

Hi, folks. I’ve viewed the documentation for changing the “:current;” pseudo-class, and I followed the steps referenced in the linked post, but no luck…

Hi Pete,

You need to share your read only link in order to get help.

I guess a common mistake when trying to change the current class is that you first need to select the referencing section, then select the highlighted nav link with the current state.

Go here and skip to 2:03:14 for further instructions.


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Karl, thanks for the link!

I’m getting the correct element to set to “current” fine. The issue was the :current showed as color:white; but was still showing the webflow-default blue.

I figured out that having a color applied to the element higher in the cascade was affecting the :current pseudo-class’s style application. I’m not savvy enough to know why, but it’s working now :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for fast help!

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