Link colour for current page on nav bar


On my navbar, if I’m on the home page for example, the word HOME is coloured in blue. I want to change the colour but can’t see where. I can see a Current selector next to my nav link class when I click on the home nav link but I don’t see the blue colour in the settings.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thank you.


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The blue color is the default “current” state for a navbar link. It shows up when you’re on the page linked to this menu item. Select this item while on the said page, and you’ll see a “current” class added to the element (see in the “selector” zone on the right). Change its color while the “current” class is showed up.

Sometimes, the color showed in the setting when “current” is selected does not reflect the shown default, ignor this, chose your own color, publish and test it.


Hi Vincent

Many thanks indeed. I think that’s what was confusing me, the colour in the settings pane when I selected the Current selector, didn’t match the colour on the site. Anyway, I’ve sorted it now, thanks very much.



Hey guys,

I am having the same issue, but the suggested fix does not seem to be working. Any other ideas?