Can someone help me to make 5 columns on this CMS

I would like to have this collection in 5 columns !
But it stays in 4 columns, I don’t know why? : Lita bókamerkir

  • I have copied this from another collection which has 5 columns, - but this new collection don’t want to be 5 columns but - but want to be 4 columns.
    Can someone help me so I can have 5 columns in this collection?

And the pixel width of each column in the old CMS is 278 pixels. And in the new CMS, the pixel width is also 278 pixels in each column. So don’t understand why this will only be 4 columns?

Here is my share link: (Webflow - Samkoman Mizpa)
This is what I want to be 5 columns: Lita bókamerkir

Hi @neanea6060

Make the “Collection List Best” a grid and add 5 columns like this:

Thankyou so much @Leon_Servais
But it don’t work for me?
I have done as you showed me on the photo
But I got this result:

@neanea6060 click on the yellow button:

I am very very sorry!
I don’t work for me??
I have not this yellow text “Clear layout settings” - Why?

Hi @neanea6060 ,

Maybe also try this:

Yesss!- it works now :grinning:

But… you can see all the 5 columns in iphone mode? (see image)
It shoudl only be 2 columns in iphone mode? and 3 in Ipad mode… and so on…

@neanea6060 Just remove column when you’re in the breakpoint you want :slight_smile:

Now it works!! This was a big job :grinning: :smile:
Thank you SOOOOO much!!!

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