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Can somebody show me how to use the new widget "list"?

so far, i can not see any cases of “list”, can somebody show me that?

The new List element is for web designers that want to add html tags <ul> and <li> into their site:

  <li> First item in the list </li>
  <li> Second item in the list </li>
  <li> Third item in the list </li>

This HTML structure is used often for navigations and other lists. We decided to give our users open-ended LI blocks because a lot of times you have more than just text as a list.

You can drag and drop a Text Block into the LI blocks to make something like this:


We also plan on adding a text list element where you can only have text inside instead of this kind of open ended list structure. This element will be easier to create basic text lists like the above.

Thanks for this. This will help when moving a site a cms that needs list items for navigation.

i see, list seems more useful for small phone screen, i can use it to draw UI like iOS and android.