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Can not exit paypal - debit or credit card option


As mentioned in the clip, when using paypal as payment form, it gives you 3 options :

  1. paypal checkout > redirects you to paypal page
  2. SEPA checkout => redirect you to paypal
  3. debit or credit card => embedded in the cart pay directly , once you choose this option, you can not change it ! you have to remove all of your items in the cart first, then go back and start over to see all the payment options again

Is this normal ?? and how to change that ?

My workaround was adding a back button which refreshes the page.

	$( "#button" ).click(function() {

Debit card entry form resets on refresh, but closes the cart. Not clean. Pretty disappointed with Webflow for this glaring issue. Breaking the checkout process is a major issue to me. Should I not be using this feature??

Sorry to Jump on this thread, to enable the debit card feature, is that through stripe or paypal? I see they say on their marketing site that Stripe accepts debit cards tho I have just seen a post saying they don’t… very confusing! thanks again