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Does PayPal offer credit card payment dialog?


I am non-US, from Europe, and in our country doesn’t work stripe yet. PayPal is not used much in our country too. So my simple question is. If I’ll create account with PayPal, and connect it with Webflow. When user select PayPal payment, will he have option to pay by card? mean dialog with card number, date, CVV? Or he has to have PayPal account too?

Thank you very much for any help.

I searched the similar question like yours and there’s no answer.

I always thought you should have PP account in order to be able to donate

Hi @jaroslavholan @jenn @P34nic

Unfortunately in order to use the credit card checkout, the only option currently is to use Stripe.

When using PayPal, store customers go through the native PayPal checkout flow and once they complete that, then they will be redirected to you store’s checkout page, to finalize the purchase. That includes choosing a shipping method (if applicable) and confirming the checkout.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!


Thanks for your answer, appreciate it

Hi @jaroslavholan @jenn @P34nic

i’ve just chatted with the team and i have a clarification to my initial post. It turns out you can use PayPal to allow your customers to use their credit or debit cards to check out. It’s just something that’s an integral part of the PayPal element you can add to you page. Unfortunately it’s not as customizable as the regular credit card flow with Stripe.

Here’s an example from when i’ve added the PayPal element to the Cart. You can see it contains a PayPal flow (that requires an account) and PayPal’s credit card checkout (here the copy is localized in polish, but it just says “Debit or credit card”)

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Hi @jaroslavholan @jenn @P34nic Here is an article that provides more detail around enabling the debit/credit card feature in PayPal, and why it might not be available to certain customer’s:

The option to accept debit/credit cards via PayPal is still available though when adding the PayPal button to your cart or checkout page in Webflow.