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Can my CMS collection read from a YouTube playlist?

I have borrowed a blog post template and I want the individual blogs to showcase one of the tutorials in our company playlist. is there a way to automate this process, i.e. the CMS collection is referenced to the playlist so that a new blog will appear whenever I add new tutorials to the YouTube playlist? It is dreadful to think I have to do it one by one by adding a single blog in the CMS every time a YouTube tutorial is added to our channel.

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On Zapier there is a ‘New Video In Playlist’ trigger for YouTube that you could theoretically connect to Webflow with the ‘Create Live Item’ action. I haven’t used it myself, but took a small look at it:

I took a closer look and connected to my YouTube, and it just has you grab the Playlist ID. It has finds a recent video and returns a ton of data. I connected to a Webflow University playlist(hope that’s okay Webflow).

It returns the title, description, thumbnail and anything else you would need, including embed and play urls.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to create a really clean integration. :grinning:


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Thank you very much @Andrew_Coderre! This is great! I have never done a zapier integration. I hope I can manage to figure it out.

It’s quite intuitive and easy to use. If you need any help, feel free to shoot me a direct message.

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Thank you! It is easy to set up!

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