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Can I pause scrolling for viewers during the loading animation?

I have a gif animation that happens when main page loads, is there a way that i can pause the scrolling till its done?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@Vlad_Kuksenko when I load your test page nothing happens and it also looks like some animations are broken as well.

Please look through your published test page and your share link for errors.

Hey Vlad,

Here’s a handy-dandy JS Git to prevent scrolling:

I might be working on it while your checking it out but it should look like this.

would you let me knwo how to fix the issues as well? if thats not what your seeing?

DesignByDre would you be able to explain where do i plug in the code, I a rookie to coding.

I use this piece of code for blocking scroll when a modal has been clicked, could it be re-adapted for a loading animation?



That would be great as I’d also like to block scroll whilst loading animation is active.