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Can I only refresh one piece of the embed code?

Hi awesome communities, I create a dashboard with Miniextension. So I need embed a lot of forms and tables in one page and separate them using tabs.

But, occasionally the form or table will fail to load, is it possible that I can only refresh that one piece of the embed code without refresh the entire page?

Also, can I load embed code when user have clicked on the tab instead of load them all together when visit?

Hey @This_is_Joshua_here

I’m not sure about refreshing specific code on the page, but if you’re code is an embed or iframe then you can use loading: lazy; for those embeds that are on the secondary tabs. Check out this article for more info on lazy loading.

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your reply, but my code neither image nor iframe, is javascript.
When I reading this part,

Script type module Any script tag with type="module" is treated as a [JavaScript module] and is deferred by default.

I’m not entirely understand, how can I impalement it?

Sorry, I’m not a javascript developer. Check out Codecrumbs and maybe reach out to them or maybe someone else on the forum has advice.

OMG, what is this fun site!!! My new toy now… LOL

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