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Can I make the hamburger icon open up rather than down on ipad/phone?

I choose to put navigation on the bottom and I wanted the hamburger icon and menu to open up rather than down on ipad/iphone, but I cant figure it out. Any help would be great.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Does anyone know how I could achieve this? Any help would be much appreciated. I included screenshots. I’m trying to have the menu open up rather than down.


I’m sure you can set the nav container as absolute -> bottom… but I’m not sure if the menu would display correctly.

As a user experience designer, I would advice you against this as it’s not user friendly. Instead, you should try to make the menu container fill up the whole screen as an overlay, similar to a popup lightbox.

Check out in a tablet/mobile and click the top right hamburger icon to see what I mean :wink:

Thanks for the response. I was doing some messing around this morning and came to the same conclusion. Still making tweaks but it seems to be working how I wanted.

Thanks @nwdsha

I think this is solved.

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You’re welcome @postpostmodern

Really diggin’ it.

Tip: Add a closing X icon in the same position of your opening hamburger icon.

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