Can i make a product comparsion website

Can i make a webflow site that searches other websites and gives results, an example being a cell phone comparison where i search other sites and compare prices, or is webflow limited in this aspect?

Webflow generates static websites. If you want to build a dynamic app you need to either integrate tools that can do what you want or use a server-side language to develop your application.

I think – it won’t be every best to go with webflow
If you want to build fast and test with idea – You can working with Webflow and Finsweet Filter

But it won’t be much saleable after one point
It also depends on what type of comparison website you are trying to make
Your understand with cms and webflow in general
and other goals :slight_smile:

Can you make a comparison website in webflow? Answer is yes
But is it recommend? not every much :slight_smile:

Thanks :raised_hands: