Can I make a page content change with date?

Hey all,

I want to make a landing page that essentially stays the same, except for the text content, which would change with the date of the year.

So June 1 would have a different header, body, and image than June 2, June 3, June 4, etc.

I imagine I can do this with CMS and then tying these elements to the CMS … but is there a way to assign an item to be shown on “Today” and “Today only”?

IOW - I’m essentially creating a calendar-type landing page. Every day has a different celebration assigned to it, and I want the celebration and content about that celebration to change.

Thank you for any pointers!!

It’s conceivable to create 365 cms items then on the landing page load the content from the correct cms item via ajax based on date or a large array.