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Can I get anyone to fix my problem on webflow?

I need someone to fix the problem that I’m having with my website. To start with, I have no knowledge on developing a website via Webflow but somehow I manage to create one. The view is perfect in preview mode but when I hit publish, the view is different. I tried and tried to explore what could go wrong but couldn’t find what’s the problem.

Preview mode (Appear side by side):

Published mode (One on top the other):

Please help

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@Tunku_Ozair I can help out with this.Do you have budget and timeframe?

Hello there,
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I can help with your requirement.

Kindly reach me at or skype me at live: luis_18439,

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PM Sent Please Check

It seems like you have an inline-block position side by side or having a flex layout with wrap.

Normally to solve this, You can use either grid or flexbox and allow all the inside element to decrease their size or transform to a new look base on screen size.

If you want my help or are confused about what I mention above, PM me.