Can I change the menu icon from the three lines to the current page name?

When my site is being viewed on mobile I’d like the nav menu to be a dropdown, but instead of the three lines icon that is there by default, I want it to say the current page name. Then when that current page name is clicked the dropdown menu opens.
Is there a way to do this?

hi @christiannc

  1. technically it is possible as menu open trigger it just a button that can contain any text/img/svg etc…
  2. probably you will have to build this second menu for mobile from scratch
  3. MOST IMPORTANT - for UX it is bad decision as visitors would not have clue where menu button is and will suggest that there is no menu button. This will have big impact on website usage.

But if you want to have current page to be shown on mobile menu more sense from UX view will be to have this page name between logo and menu button.