Mobile menu: X icon doesn't change to a burger icon when I close the mobile menu

Guys, hello. Such a problem:
when I close the mobile menu by CLICKING THE X icon, it closes and the X changes to a burger icon - everything is fine here.
when I close the mobile menu by clicking NOT ON THE X icon, but on the space on the side of the menu, the following happens: the menu closes, but the X icon does not change to the burger icon. And in the end it turns out that the menu is closed, but in the top corner there is still a “Close” button (X icon).

Help me please.
My website is


Hi, has someone found out anything about this?
I have the same issue.


Hi @mila_ux Can you share a read-only link to your site please just to double check your design/animations.

However, I have viewed on mobile and I can only guess you have set the animation on the icon itself (on first click change to X, on second click change to burger) and not on the top level of the nav bar?

If you set those animations to the top level of the nav bar, there is an Element trigger option of Navbar opens, use that.

  • Menu Opens - Start an animation (change to X)
  • Menu Closes- Start an animation (change to Burger)

Hope this helps.

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