Button's scroll to section action isn't scrolling to the correct section on mobile view

I have a button that is set to scroll to a section of the page where a sign up form is. It works perfectly on desktop view but when I view the live site on mobile and press the button it doesn’t go to the right section. The sign up section is at the bottom of the page and it scrolls about 3/4th of the way there and stops. Any idea of how to fix this?

Aslo, for some reason the second time I click the button it works and scrolls to the right section but I’d like to have it do that on the first click. Editor is linked below

Here is my public share link:
Webflow - Cohere&now

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Hey @tenzin11

Were you able to solve it? I’m facing the same issue right now.

I’m facing the same issue! :confused: Help @Webflow team

Maybe I’m a bit late to the party, but I also had this issue and solved it by setting the image load from lazy → eager
The problem with the lazy setting in this case is due to the fact, that the browser can’t read the image height (because it isn’t loaded duh). This leads to a different calculation of the whole page-height by the browsers and spits out a shorter height and lands at different position than in the correct section we would like.

Thank you very much.
This solved my issue.
I could never have guessed that was the issue.