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Buttons not appearing correctly when Published (different from Designer view)

I have a button on my main page and my Portfolio page. Each one directs to the other page (View Portfolio / Return to Main Page). In Design view, I have edited the size and color of both buttons, created a new class for the buttons (Button_large_WhiteBorder).

However, when I go to Publish, the buttons are the same size and color as when I originally inserted them.

Help please!

I’ve also attached a picture - top image is how it is supposed to appear (and does appear in Designer) bottom image is what I see when Published.

Here is the share link:

[Webflow - HD Learning]

Thank you!!
Heather Dykes
HD Learning

Hi Heather, were you still experiencing trouble with the button? As I look at the site now I don’t see the same issue occuring as the photos you posted.

Happy to help if you’re still experiencing trouble.

Hi @HeatherD,
i do see what you mean, but in my browser the “live” button is also purple. So did you publish your site?




Yes, it is published. The button is showing as the original button as inserted, it is smaller than what I’ve edited it to be, and shows as Dodger blue. In the Designer view I’ve changed it to a pale aqua color.

UPDATE: I just checked it again, and it was the original button, but NOW appears to be accepting the changes I make.

No idea why it wasn’t before…