Buttons for moving elements in the navigator

Moving elements around in the navigator is quite difficulty by mousing only. Also, it is extremely frustrating for newbies to Webflow (I’ve observed this many a time).

It’d be nice if we had small buttons for moving a branch up or down, as well as nesting or de-nesting - just like in any advanced tree-structured PIM.

Possibility to assign keyboard shortucts (such as Shift + arrow keys) would rock as well.

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It’s been improved a lot and I find it very efficient now. Once you’re at the desired level, move left or right to alter the level of nesting.

You can also copy and paste entire hierarchies.

I know that I can copy and paste entire hierarchies, but the last thing I’d call the navigator is “very efficient” :slight_smile:

Targeting elements in the hierarchy by mousing is really horrible. Come to think of it, this is one of my biggest time wasters in Webflow. And trust me (or try to observe it yourself if you do not trust me :slight_smile: ) for people who are not professionals into web, this is really, really very frustrating. They quickly get disappointed by Webflow :frowning:

Btw, speaking of efficiency, using the keyboard is almost always much faster than mousing, this is why I’d love to see (configurable) keyboard shortcuts.

I wish I could help you on this, because 18 months ago that was true but now it’s kind of handy. Mouse, trackpad, tablet, everything works quite well for me. Maybe there’s a setting with your mouse that prevents it to work well. Look how I can move elements with ease:



I don’t think they will update this behavior anytime soon, that’s why I’d like to find a solution for you :slight_smile:

I (and other people, as well) use it exactly the same way :slight_smile: I have learned to do it over time, but why should it be difficult on the first place? I want to make sites, not to perform drills in mouse targeting. :slight_smile: And there should be a reason why they make buttons on nearly every tree-structured PIM :slight_smile:

Otherwise I suspect the same about any improvement in the near future as you. I appreciate your help.

Not on everyone. This is a difficult behavior to develop. For a list like a page list with not a lot of imbrication, it’s ok to have buttons, I guess. But here we’re like in the Photoshop layer panel, and even Adobe took time to get it right. I would not like arrows for this. I can see myself using a set of 2 buttons thought, one being “Move before…” and the other “move after…”, than you’d click on one, then on an element in the hierarchy.