Button Scaling Issue


New to webflow. I will keep it as simple as I can. Essentially, I want a button to scale with the webpage, as the page gets smaller, so does the button, while also tracking a point on the background image.


Here is the page. I want all the social media tags to ‘stick’ to their respective signs on the art piece I created, and move with the page. I have been watching the videos provided. Wondering if anyone can offer further assistance and point me in the right direction.


Hello @fleksluthor,

so what you need to use is vw, vh, or percentages for either your buttons or your link blocks. It also depends on your layout, like do you have your social media icons inside a container? if so, what are the dimension of that container, is that container going to be the same on mobile devices? you will have to test around using vw, vh, and percentages rather than pixels until you get what you want. I hope this helps.

it does, i appreciate the reply. thank you.

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