Button modal animation not reinitializing


I am very new to the webflow platform and the webflow community. I am attempting to build my first site on the platform. I have a simple button animation on the home page that brings up a modal. The animation works great when the site loads but if i use the nav bar to navigate to another page and navigate back to the home page, the button no longer works as expected. I’m sure there’s some setting I’m not checking. Linked below is my site. Thanks in advance to who ever read this, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Copy of Rhino Storage


This issue occurred because you didn’t consider an animation for the 2nd click, hence you need to click twice, causing this bug to occur. To fix this problem, you can incorporate the desired animation for both the first and second clicks. Like this image:


Thanks for this suggestion! I tried it and unfortunately I am still having the same problem, any other ideas?