Button link not responding to hover or click

Hello Webflow community. I’m having some issues with a button link and was hoping I could find answers here. I’ve attached a screenshot of my structure. It’s in a matrix of divs so I was thinking maybe it’s affected by that somehow.

Problem: My button link is not responding to hover or click.

I tried these things (but it didn’t work):

  • Absolute position on button
  • Z-index mega high.

If anyone has any other suggestions that would be super helpful. Thank you so much!

Hello, do share your read-only link so we can look at your settings and see if there are any settings causing the issue.

Thank you so much, Jiyong! Read only link

“Div Block 13” is using a negative z-index. Change to 0 or higher to make it selectable.

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Yay, you are right! tysm :heart_hands: