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Button Hover issue

I have a button hover issue. When I hover over my button, the text inside shifts to the right about 5 pixels or so. The problem is that I don’t have any effects on the Hover State of my button.

The button has no additional classes on it, and if I delete that button and create a new one, the new button inherits that same issue.

Any thoughts? What am I missing?

Can you post your read only like so we can have a look. It really speeds things up.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Sorry about that.

Navigate to: Solutions/Services

First button that says “View Platform”


Thanks for that.

There is a hover state on the “button” class. A left padding of 29px up from 10px in the normal state.

Hope this helps :smile:

Something so simple I completely overlooked that part. Fresh eyes are always best!

Thanks Alex!

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