Button + brackgroundcolor transition doesn't work

hi everyone.

For some reason I always have trouble with buttons and the transition of the background color.
If you look at the linked site there’s two buttons. I set the transition to 500ms or something but for some reason it only works for the shadow, not the backgroundcolor.

Is there a way to get the bachgroundcolor transition to be smooth too?

published site: http://thisbug.webflow.io/#S02

Cheers, j

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Hi Onul,
It looks like there is an issue with the gradients you’re using on the buttons. I removed the gradients and replaced them with solid colors and the transitions work fine when I do that

Likely because the transition doesn’t recognize a gradient as a background color.

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oh awesome thanks, that solved that.
I thought that a solid color equals background-color.

If I actually wanted to use a gradient or background image, which transition would I have to choose?

I’ve found gradient transitions to still be a bit clunky and too easily broken. You could check these links out if you want to tackle it.

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Sweet thanks, I’ll check these out!
And good to know gradient transitions aren’t exactly ready for use yet.

Cheers, J

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