Business Name idea

Hi Everyone!
I’m starting my online retail business and am struggling to come up with some unique and trendy names for the business.

I had a good one (at least I thought it was good), but there seems to be several companies with that name already, one of which is in a similar space.

So, back to the drawing board.

The company is focused on online selling all range of products through social media.

Target Kids, Youngsters & Adult

No Age group

You can ask if any questions above this business

Thanks in Advance.

What names have you already come up with that were already taken?

Still not decided, but need something catchy and unique.

What kind of products are you selling?

What did you have that you found out was used numerous times?

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Was gonna sell all type of fashion stuff, retail products, baby products and home deco etc.


Shopify has a pretty useful Business Name Generator that might expedite your creative process.


I checked all the name genarters, all the names are taken.

Shopify’s name generator can only be as original as the initial word you include, so I’m not surprised things suggested there are already taken.

Asking for help without giving us much information is going to make it insanely difficult to come up with something that will work for your idea, but maybe I can help with some creative ways to tweak what you already have in mind.

  • Take your initial ideas and start mashing words together. A terrible example: Cool Brand could be Coobrand.

  • You mentioned trendy, so strip the vowels out of your words. To keep the same example as above, Cool Brand could be CLBRND. My example doesn’t work that well, so make sure you take into consideration readability.

  • Use a thesaurus and come up with synonyms to words, or if it changes things, antonyms for words you associate with the opposite of those words. I don’t know why I picked this example (it really is bad), but Cool Brand could be Neat Company.

Those are just a few ideas, but you can probably imagine that using one (or all of them) together can lead to much more unique and creative names.

Good luck :+1:


I believe you can ask Reddit community

If it were targeted to youngsters, I would look to something like ‘fashion animal’ or ‘gear animal’ but then saw that there’s no age group. Anyways, which one did you choose? I’ m in the exact process of choosing a name but really can’t think of anything good. I tried the earlier mentioned shopify and oberlo business name generators, but they are pretty generic, so didn’t gave me a lot of ideas.

well i would like to suggest you to be creative and create your own name but combining two different words. for this you can useword generator online tool.