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Struggling with a company name

I’m starting my own B2B Marketing shop and am really struggling with finding a name.

I had a good one (at least I thought it was good), but there seems to be several companies with that name already, one of which is in a similar space.

So, back to the drawing board.

The company is focused on marketing for B2B startups that are A/B round of funding.

My most recent idea was to call it “Grow, Scale, Win”

Too kitschy? Every other name I could think of was taken. is available on godaddy


Dude you’ll love this… I actually used this link on Shopify… it’s a really cool free name generator. And it’s connected to domain registrar, globally! It’s awesome, check it out:

Click on “Business Name Generator”, then enter name in the search box below, you get variations that you can adjust!

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Just a thought along the lines of your grow-scale-win:

Change the order and you could play on the phrase ‘to grow in scale’

‘grow (w)in scale’ is also available…

Pay me later :wink:

p.s @garymichael1313 - i’m not really following you around, we just seem to have input on the same topics at the same time of day :laughing:

Too similar?

I swear, every name is taken.

Hahaha… I know right… it took me like 1 week to finally get a name. Hahaha @StuM, YES YOU ARE… hilarious LMAO.

I love this community, plus I’ve done support for a long time. And people are really needing help because most are trying to make paper, so I want to help folks accomplish that! :sunglasses:

Yep, Mark that process is no fun.

Share the first name you want?
Max number words? Best is 3 max
What’s the industry?

I ask because I’m a Project Manager in the athletic industry, and have worked in this process a while. Share some details, I’ll help ya out free.

Well, I had a list of “buzz words” that I think are relevant to my target.

2 words is ideal, I think.

It’s not industry specific, more like vertical I guess?

It’s a marketing agency for B2B startups that are in their A/B rounds of funding. Generally, that would mean tech.

My buzz word list:

Long Tale
Drill Down
Paradigm Shift
Hockey Stick

Some ideas I took from it:

Boosted B2B -

B2Billions -

Multiplier Force -

Grow Hyper -

Virality Force -

Traction Pop -

Lethal Traction -

Growth Tale -

Mark B2B -

Mark Startup -


Hose Rocket -

Grow Hyper -

Fuel Tale -

Stratofierce -

Stealthscale -

Hyper B2B -

Okay when I speak with clients, this is how to view it.

  1. What are you actually going to do? Literally, what are you going to do?
    E.g., I have a training facility, we are going to train scholastic, college and professional athletes. Normally I would call the program, oh you know, a generic name like - top flight training. But that still doesn’t say what I will do for these athletes. The name doesn’t make me ask about the company. As a client, I’m blank, so what happens is; people start picking you apart with questions.

The more questions clients have, the less they’ll buy!

  1. With that, I don’t want questions, I want them to think, “how this will work for me?” Therefore, a name like;

Name: In-Game Performance
Slogan: Preparing athtletes for their competitive environment

Now they have no question about what we will do for them! In their mind, they’re thinking, “yes I want to play better in my games”, I’m going to see how they can help me.

That’s how I would approach your name.

I’m almost finished working on a client’s ecommerce project, check out how I speak to her clients:

That’s why I thought “Grow, Scale, Win” was good. It basically says exactly what I would do, and exactly what my target market would want.

I wouldn’t even need a slogan!

Now Grow, Scale, Win would be the tagline, maybe on print media or a few places on your site. Because that’s the sublime tag you want to say.

Grow, Scale, Win! Put it in subtle sidebars as a light grey under images, etc. That’s what you want them to subliminally to see and hear! It’s Perfect!

But you need a good slogan because that immediately follows your name.

  1. Academy, sports and outdoors, the right stuff, the right price, Academy!
  2. McCafe, cafe mocha, latte and fresh brewed, I’m loving it!
  3. In know you know this one: I have a structured settlement and I need cash now, call J.G. Wentworth, 877-Cash-Now!

Heehee :slight_smile:

Dude, do you have a site I can go to, anything to look at, I’ll hook ya up!

Old name was Wolfmark, but there’s already a Wolfmark that does marketing.

But did you change the mobile menu, we discussed? Move it outside the container and it will fall under the hamburger icon.

Thanks for reminding me, just did.

in my honest opinion, I would hire a branding agency to help you.

Not trying to advertise, but my wife and her business partner do things for their clients that really surprise me. When they take on new clients that want to start or rebrand their business, they go through a 3 to 4 hour workshop to find out what makes their client’s brand “stand out”.

They do things like

  • competitor research
  • brand archetype quiz
  • word listing (which you’ve already done)

and some other stuff. But yea. If you want to stand out, look for a branding agency that focuses on that. You may end up with a name that is so catchy, that it sets itself apart from the crowd.

good luck! :slight_smile:

I wish I had those kind of resources. Right now I am trying to build a portfolio as a consultant so I can transition into an agency. I couldn’t afford outsourcing this.

I gotta do it the old fashioned way.

What’s in a name, anyways… right? :wink:

Man, you’ve done so much work… I can see you put a lot into this site. But I would suggest a few things, if you’re open to it :-):grinning:

Always open to suggestions. This is my first shot at swishing a site from scratch.

Mark Lerner
B2B Startup Marketing Specialist

Okay I’m gonna go through this site, make some notes. And I’ll shoot you an email later. I like the start, but the copy is a little repetitive, you could strip it down to have more impact. Hold on I’ll extract content.

Thanks! A lot of it was place-holder, I’ve still been working out the design and flow. Any input would be great, though.

understandable. What’s in a name? a story.

I would start your name search with finding out what is your story is:

  • Why are you starting this shop on your own?
  • What was the catalyst?
  • Why do you want to help B2B startups?
  • What is it about your past that lead you here?
  • What are your competitors not doing that you will be doing?
  • Instead of buzzwords, what words describe YOU

If this is your company, YOU are the brand. Everything you do, say, your inflections, your tweets, facebook likes, everything is part of your new brand.

FYI - these are just things I’ve picked up from dinner discussions with my wife :wink:

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