Bullet points not showing on mobile

I’ve tried several things but I can’t seem to get my list bullet point to show on mobile. I’ve looked at other posts on the forum but nothing is helping. Can someone please tell me what’s going on? Thanks!

Shared Link:

Page in question is “gifts for men”, I a have accordion buttons that have a list in it.

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Nick I cant see any bullet points and found it hard to find the gifts for men…
I did find a link in a paragraph but again no bullets.
Can you help by posting some pictures of where to go and what it looks like…
is the issue on published or can be seen on webflow editor

Here is a screenshot of the desktop version of the webpage.

and here is a screenshot of the same page on mobile.

As you can see, hopefully, the bullet points don’t show on mobile.

Nice one I will take a look later if no one else picks up

The bullet points seem to working now. Not sure what changed but at least they’re working.

As suspected a behind the scenes issue.

I’m having the same issue. My bullet points won’t show on mobile.

I fixed the problem. I took the CSS off of the list items and the bullet points on mobile are fine now.

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