Bullet points are not showing in mobile portrait

The bullet points are working in every view except portrait mobile. I have messed with spacing individually checking on and off bullet markers. I added a code from another forum which seems not to work

ul.reporting { list-style-position: inside!important; }

Any help would be appreciated can’t figure this one out.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/earli-ecda560fd8376499837726bf4bcc9b34?preview=a51fdb8b707ab3f7390a921d6c2d6cc3

Hi @Alex_Villalpando

Thanks for posting – can you share a fresh Read-Only link? Looks like the one above is broken.

​Thanks in advance!

New read only


Thanks for sharing that!

It looks like this is an issue with the current styles on the list – I made a quick video showing the issue and how you can fix it: https://cl.ly/002K0A032N0C (may take some time to upload).

I hope this helps!

The link is not working.

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