Bullet points appear in published site but not in designer

Hey guys!

I am trying to fix a weird bug with my nav menu. In the designer I changed the list-style to none and everything looks perfect. But in the published site, the bullets appear in front of all the menu items.

Anyone has an idea why?

When I click on the “x” in the designer it instantly jumps back to the bullets and after 3-4 times clicking on the “x” it finally sticks. But only until I click on another element in the designer.

I don’t know why this happens and it drives me crazy.

Here is my page: Webflow - VIERLESS GmbH

Now it works for some reason. I was trying this for like an hour and now that I write here, it suddenly works - perfect.

You need to click on the list element in the navigator and then under “Settings” in the right panel click on “No Bullets” under “List Settings”.