Building large tables

Just would like some advice on building a large table (please see attached image below with inside text blurred).
Currently, I have inserted it into Webflow as an image, as it may be too complex to build directly on Webflow. Problem with using it as an image, is that it will not quite be optimised for phone view as it is too wide.
Has anyone got suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

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As @Port_of_Folio shared, FS table is an excellent tool for most table needs, but once in a while I encounter this responsiveness requirement;

  • In Desktop view the table appears as one large table with rows and columns
  • In Mobile the table transforms so that each row becomes a 2-col mini-table, in which the first col is the field heading, and the second is the field values.

I typically build that using a CMS data source, one record per row, and a DIV arrangement that makes it easy to switch a row from grid-horizontal to grid-vertical. The header labels get duplicated inside of the fieldโ€™s div cell and are made visible only at the mobile breakpoint.

Thank you @Port_of_Folio and @memetican - I will give both a go :slight_smile: