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Building a subscription based E-commerce website

Hi peeps!

I have been building websites with Webflow for a while now and love it so far, so thanks!

Now, my next website is will be my first e-commerce website.
The site will have a small number of products. However, the products will have different variants, which will be the end product sold basically.

For example: Product A, B and C will come in packages of 4, 8 or 12 units. The user will select the amount of products they want in their package, then subscribe on the box on a monthly basis.

From what I understand, the subscription based model is not possible with the native Webflow features. I have heard about Foxy and became quite interested in this.

I have also seen that Stripe can be integrated easily with Webflow and I know that they deal with subscription payments.

Is it possible to integrate a subscription based model with Stripe?
How can I make it possible for users to select the quantities and display different prices based on which “package” they select?

I am trying to create something similar to this:

Any advice for me?

Hi @Oscar_Lord
Josh from Foxy here. Everything you’ve mentioned should be possible with our seamless Webflow integration. More info here: Webflow |

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Hey @Oscar_Lord !

We also make a subscription add-on for webflow. An important difference in ours is that it works with Webflow ecommerce, rather than trying to replace it. This way you get to keep all your products from within Webflow without another thing to manage.

We’re currently in free beta but coming out in to general availability in a couple weeks. Would love for you to give our app a try for free!

Monto Simple Subscriptions for Webflow shops
Standing by if I can help you with anything:

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