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% bugs for transform animations

I’m trying to make a position absolute image moving from top left to bottom left, then bottom left to bottom right, then bottom right to top right, then top right to top left and LOOPING.
To achieve this, I’ve set a few triggers like this :

I want this image to move like that all around the body, but I’ve set all these triggers to the image and I made it position absolute full or relative to the body and it still doesn’t work. The image moves 95% to bottom at start, then does a strange move top-right at the same time, do I have to set a waiting time between these 4 triggers ?

Try putting all the measures at 95% and see if that helps. :grinning:

Thank you for your reply.
Still does not work…
So many bugs during one week :frowning:
Feeling a bit disappointed.

Take care.

Ok guys I finaly found how to do with this interaction.
The interaction’s result sucks a bit, but it can give some ideas…
So here is the result :

Take care.
And have a nice day

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