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Buggy behavior in nav element and dropdowns in Preview mode

Hey! It was so good to find this thread. I was also having an issue styling the mobile nav menu. The ‘open’ pseudo class was not showing up after going to settings>open menu, even though the menu would open.

Something @Waldo said about flexbox interfering inspired me to move the navbar from ‘relative’ to ‘static’ and then I could style it properly and set it back to relative with no issues.


Unfortunately, since I started using webflow / 2months/ there was NOT a single day when I not experienced the one step forward 2 steps backward feeling… Kind of gives me a relief seeing that I am not the only but on the other hand I am tired of being outrageous , disappointed. The vibe you got from the marketing materials is nothing to do with the reality that using webflow is a REAL PAIN. My recent:I styled my navbar and in result all the buttons jumping in out. and no no sorry nothing to do with the different states, nothing to do with the classe names, it is basically ONLY because I wanted to make buttons aligned to the centre. I am sure i could for hrs and hrs to peel out sthing " get a lead" where mayeb flex is not good here or whatever. The point is: When you can adjust an element then in result this just cannot happen Period . With everything else you seriously misleading your users. I am way beyond my schedule because of all of this unexplainable issues, and just realising that spent another 10hrs here today and when I look at the screen seeing that in result less on it since yesterday. On the top of it Webfow comes with link to your University , community forum etc. Which on the surface, glossy , hip. BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL PROBLEM SOLVINGS