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Bug when clicking in the Tab links - redirect to a 404 instead of showing the content

Hello Community!

Here is my site Read-Only:

I am a big fan of this forum and those people who just help others. I love webflow but sometimes I just struggle with something and I don’t understand what I did wrong. The point is like every time I click in one of the Tab links that I have in one of the sections of the homepage (in the publish site), instead of showing me the content of every tab, it just go to a 404 page.

Publish site (where the bug is) -

Webflow Mindfeedness Second Version.png981x391 93.8 KB

I would really really apreciate all the advices you could give me.

Thanks in advance, Íñigo.

Hello @Corcuera

Have you tried building your tabs element again from scratch?

I did but same thing happened in every tab I created @aaronocampo

Hi @Corcuera

I tried to recreate the problem you have but it’s not happening for me ???
I built a new tab in one of my pages, it works fine??

have you done something special?

Hi @Corcuera

I did a bit of testing on this end and found the issue.

There’s a script in the project settings custom code fields that is causing the issue — once removed the tabs work as expected.

I’m not sure what the goal of this script is, but you may need to adjust it a bit or maybe try renaming the tabs.

Hope this helps!

Hi @JanneWassberg

I don’t know if I did something special. The only thing I can thin about was copying and pasting the content from one to the other and then change it. Maybe something styling the tabs, but no Idea what could I have done make that problem

@Brando wish i could se custom code in preview, would have saved me alot of time :grinning::grinning:

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Thank you so much @Brando!

I create that custom code so the website waits for a second before going from what page to another so an interaction occurs. I think webflow take the tabs as links so everytime you click in a tab, it applies the code. Don’t know anything about code but that make sense to me haha.

Thank you again for your help, at least I know where the problem comes!

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