Bug on Safari iOS with exported code

Hi there!

I just exported my portfolio to host it on a lonex hosting service. I thought it was working fine but then I found that on my iphone’s Safari something broke. But in chrome on the same iphone seems to work just fine. On the webflow server also works fine.

Here are some shots.

This is on safari in webflow:

This is on chrome in my live site:

This is on safari in my live site:

I’ve seen some related issues in the community in the past, however I can’t manage to resolve this on my own. Can anybody help me?

PS. I know there’s a huge GIF that’s not pretty also, I’m working on that, please don’t judge :sweat_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Mauri Bazán
And my live site: mauribazan.com