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Bug on mobile version - Iphone X , Chrome


my colleagues just found out that there is some bug on mobile version in iPhone while using Chrome.
When we flip the phone to horizontal view and then back to vertical (standard mobile) view the page is somehow ‘‘shrinked’’ and dont go back to original state.

Do you know what is wrong? The problem is only on iphone X, while using Google Chrome.
Many thanks

Hi @Vkontextu thank you for taking the time to report this behavior!

Can you please share your websites Read-Only so that we can help troubleshoot this together? Can you add screenshots as well of the behavior you’re seeing, please?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Waldo, sure, Im sending a screenshot. The bug applies not only for one website, but for all we have on Webflow. For example right on the homepage

@Waldo Hi Waldo, could you please have a look at those screenshots I sent you? Many thanks! Zdenka

Zdarec @Vkontextu Ondreji nebo Zdenko? Waldo te pozadal o “Read Only” link a ne o screenshot(y). Read only link mu umozni se podivat na vas projekt zevnitr aby videl kde je chyba coz z obrazku moc nejde.