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Border color change on active radio button

Hello everyone. I wanted to make this type of functionality. When clicking on the radio button I want to change the border color of the button. From white to blue. Can anyone help me with that or any idea? Thank you !Capture

Do you have a link to your project?

Yes , sir. Wait a min.

link here : Webflow - DREAM RITUALS

Is this what you had in mind?

Select the radio button and select the “border bottom” icon under the “Borders” section then select the “Pressed” state and change the color.

I tried the “Pressed” state But the border-color doesn’t stay. When I press the button the border-color pops & doesn’t stay like that. I want to active it while selecting the price.


I’m not sure you can do that with Out Of The Box Webflow. I would look at a coded solution similar to this.

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Thank you for this. This might need some custom code.

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