Border color change on active radio button

Hello everyone. I wanted to make this type of functionality. When clicking on the radio button I want to change the border color of the button. From white to blue. Can anyone help me with that or any idea? Thank you !Capture

Do you have a link to your project?

Yes , sir. Wait a min.

link here :

Is this what you had in mind?

Select the radio button and select the “border bottom” icon under the “Borders” section then select the “Pressed” state and change the color.

I tried the “Pressed” state But the border-color doesn’t stay. When I press the button the border-color pops & doesn’t stay like that. I want to active it while selecting the price.


I’m not sure you can do that with Out Of The Box Webflow. I would look at a coded solution similar to this.

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Thank you for this. This might need some custom code.

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