Blurry Images after Publishing

Hey guys,

this topic has been often in the forum but all the proposed fixes don’t work for me…
The problem is an blurred image within a grid with 100% hight settings - so it aligns with the content hight of the text:

So I fixed this by unchecking the box “responsive image” - works on chrome:

but now it displays the sharp image on safari like this:

Now I’m pretty near to a nerve breakdown due to already overdue project launch.
Some magician here who can fix what webflow dev team should have fixed 5 years ago?

Big thanks in advance - Alex

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow -

Hey Alex

This might help you here:

Its not a perfect solution, but maybe you can use it as a workaround just for now…

And here’s a second, simpler solution if you’re okay with disabling responsive images.

To fix the height difference between the image and the blue text element, do this:

But keep in mind that the “Align” setting is only set per element and not for all elements with the same class (thats why “Align” is shown in purple and not blue). So you would have to make this setting manually for all those elements.
To set the alignment for all elements with the class .feature-content-wrapper, put this code in the “Before closing body tag” section:

.feature-content-wrapper {
	align-self: stretch;