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Image becomes super blurry once published


I am having some trouble with images becoming very blurry once published to the staging site. As an example, I have uploaded a 2x image which looks nice and crisp in the designer:

But when I publish and preview the same image on the staging site, it looks very blurry:

I can’t tell why this is happening, the image is uploaded at 2x size in the CMS. The image itself is an inline image positioned to cover a grid area (as opposed to a background image for the grid area div) so I can take advantage of Webflows src set and optimise images responsively. Any help would be amazing as I can’t find any help on other forum posts or the website.


EDIT 1: If it helps I am viewing both of these on the same device, a 2019 15" Macbook Pro.

Here is my site Read-Only: