Blog section to populate Blog collection

Hello! I am wondering how to properly set it up so blog posts selected, go into our blog section automatically.

Here is a link to my site…

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Hello @northmoniker , Can you please provide more details? You can include screenshots, video, page names, etc.


Hi Donald,

Sorry for being vague.

I am trying to add actual blogs that I wrote for client into the site and not use the dummy data that was originally there (now deleted).

If you scroll down on the home page you will find the Blog Section that is the FEATURED blogs.

I want to add 3 blogs that I have to show up as 3 side by side elements.

I have watched the video on creating blogs and collections and I still don’t know where to begin.

Also, it shows that the blog collection is locked and I can’t change that. I’m wondering what’s going on there.

Thanks for your help again!


Hi @northmoniker ! The collection is already created, you just have to create your blog articles and turn on the “featured” switch so they’ll appear on the home page.

How about the box structures ? Are these already created ?

Yeah, everything is gonna look exactly like the dummy content but with your actual articles :slight_smile: