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Blending mode over video not working

Hi everyone!

I am trying to use a blend mode over a video and it’s not working. I am not a developer but reading through the forum I found the code you can add to the custom code to make this work. I have successfully done over a photo on the same website but now the client wanted to change the hero photo to a video and the effect is not working. Is there anything I can do to achieve the same effect?

here is the live site where you can see the video

the official home page has the photo with the blend mode:

here is the read-only link

I would appreciate any help
Thank you

Hi @oliveiralila, one thing you can try is to put a new div just under the Hero video as the first child element, and style it with absolute position, full cover:


Apply the blend color to the class assigned to the Div you use for the blend:

The BG video widget is a scripted widget that automatically applies the video to the bg video div, so what is likely happening is that the video is covering the blend. I will take a look further, but using a separate div for the cover works for me on this end.

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Hi @cyberdave,

I am trying to make it work but it looks like it displays the multiply for a split second and it goes back to solid green. Am I doing something wrong? could you take a look at it again please?

Thank you

I am having the same issue, my image isn’t responding to the blend mode at all. :confused: I am not sure what I am doing wrong.